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Oct. 22, 2019

The Other 50: Towards a more inclusive future

The Other 50: Towards a more inclusive future

An ambassador with a heart for financial inclusion

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Is there a growing fallacy around financial inclusion? Are we simply creating a new form of imperialism by taking financial services applications built in countries like the U.K. and attempting to export them to markets like Brazil, Uganda, India, and China? How inclusive is financial services if we are not considerate of differing economic conditions and the intricacies of daily life? Can we truly meet global financial needs, or is the industry too focused on digital technologies rather than the reality of the human condition? We must create a new hope. 

In this week’s podcast episode of The Other 50, Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer have an engaging and free-ranging talk with Nina Mohanty on personal social responsibility, consumer debt, open banking, FinTech, financial services business model innovation, and financial education and how it impacts us individually. Learn about Nina’s passion about FinTech’s ability to drive broader financial inclusion and financial literacy, and her views on women's empowerment and the importance of children's education. 

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