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Nov. 19, 2019

The Other 50: The Data Science Dream

The Other 50: The Data Science Dream

Democratising data science for all

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2019 has been a busy year for emerging technologies, especially for artificial intelligence (AI). From healthcare to financial services; from digital surveillance to education, new use cases have come and gone – along with news headlines on the dangers and opportunities of such power.

Slowly – but surely though, AI is beginning to transform financial institutions’ relationship with their customers, as well as their relationship with money. From mobile banking, customer service, and beyond, incumbents and startups have been deploying various tools that serve to provide a more seamless customer experience. Combined with advanced data analytics, financial institutions can now empower consumers to “self-drive” their finances towards a desired goal, instead of merely providing insights based on historical transaction data (e.g. how much did I spend on Starbucks last month.) No wonder many in the business consider AI to be a must-have in order to remain relevant and competitive.

Join Theo in this week’s new episode of “The Other 50”, where she talked with Joyeeta Das, CEO of Gyana, about the promise and peril of artificial intelligence, and why it is important to dream.

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