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Oct. 15, 2019

The Other 50: The Authentic Self

The Other 50: The Authentic Self

A debate on how to stay relevant to the society in the pursuit of profits

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What is the future of financial services? By channeling the spirit of Schrödinger's cat, we must properly debate our industry’s purpose, we must showcase every issue and provide proper context. Is the industry losing sight of who we serve and our impact on society as we pursue profit? Have we lost something in the nuance between High Street and Wall Street and that of Main Street and real conversations happening around kitchen tables? 

Sometimes it takes the mind of an economist to find that middle ground. In the inaugural interview of our Other 50 podcast, we make sure we get a little uncomfortable, in order to spark change and take off the blinders of blissful ignorance.

Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer talk with Ghela Boskovich, Head of Fintech & Regtech Partnerships at Rainmaking Innovation, and Founder, Global Ambassador of FemTechGlobal. Prepare to be informed, entertained, and challenged by one of the leading voices in global fintech and regtech. 

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