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Dec. 3, 2019

The Other 50: Loki is a woman

The Other 50: Loki is a woman

Security in an API economy

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A constantly evolving connected environment, coupled with consumer demand for all things digital, is leading to unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. While consumers are becoming more comfortable banking and shopping online, investments in maintaining security and preventing data theft and breaches often lag behind. Data breaches continue to make the headlines in North America, with an estimated 60 million Americans being affected by identity theft.

The U.S. also suffers from a higher attack rate overall, compared to Canada and the U.K. How do we balance data privacy and security – with convenience and a frictionless customer experience? 

In this new episode of “The Other 50”, Theo and Brad chat with security expert Alissa Knight on her most recent project that has uncovered security challenges with 30 banks. In this API economy, security must not be an afterthought. Incumbents and startups alike must take the necessarily steps to safeguard consumers’ data and assets – and to provide the necessary mechanisms to educate consumers on the importance of cybersecurity hygiene.

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