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Dec. 17, 2019

The Other 50: Ho Ho! Father Christmas comes to Fintech Town

The Other 50: Ho Ho! Father Christmas comes to Fintech Town

A fintech wishlist crowdsourced from top leaders!

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As we rolled out the previous episode discussing what we think lies ahead on Fintech landscape, we saw several ask from people on what they would like to see as well. So, Theo kickstarted a Twitter crowdsourcing attempt to get a Fintech wishlist. We then spent sometime discussing that on this week's podcast.

We start with Diversity as that was the biggest ask from Twitteratis. For instance, despite efforts across the ecosystem, we still see a massive difference in funding for women led startups. This is something we should see addressed soon.

The other key ask was sustainable finance. We had highlighted this as a key area that would start seeing more and more focus in the last episode. Since then we have seen some big news with Mastercard investing into Doconomy and other climate conscious efforts from Fintechs.

Fintech education was one key ask from the crowd. Theo and Brad feel there is a strong case for a proper course, where as Arun felt that with the quality of online content on Fintech, we only need Fintech education for specialists. These and more in today's episode.

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