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Nov. 5, 2019

The Other 50: All roads must lead to Profitability

The Other 50: All roads must lead to Profitability

For too long firms have ignored profitability over growth! It's time for a pivot!

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Digital only banks have been gaining popularity in recent years, especially in developing economies that previously lack formal financial services infrastructure. Apps such as M-Pesa (in Kenya), Alipay and Tencent pay (in China), and Nubank (in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico) provide their consumers with a convenient and cost effective means of banking via mobile phones. Even fintech startups that previously offered investment services only are rushing to add banking to their portfolio. Despite the popularity, however, one crucial question remains: How sustainable are their business models? Most of these startups have yet to turn a profit and are largely dependent on massive venture capital. 

In this week’s “The Other 50” podcast, Theo and Brad chat with Tanya Andreasyan, MD and Editor-in-Chief of FinTech Futures, where they talked about the state of challenger banks and fintech funding, and what the future holds.

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