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Nov. 26, 2019

The Fintech Thanksgiving

The Fintech Thanksgiving

The top Fintech trends in 2019

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching in the U.S. As we gather along with fintech friends and families and reflect on the year that was, what are some notable moments?

In this episode of Rhetoriq, Arun, Brad, and Theo reflected on an eventful year, from mega industry deals to partnerships between unlikely bedfellows; from industry leaders in the East, to laggers in the West. While we continue to see funding pouring in, especially for fintech challengers that claim to be revolutionizing the financial services industry, are we truly achieving inclusion? Is a great user journey just a lipstick on a pig?

How do we define purpose, and build sustainable business models to better serve local communities and those forgotten demographics in our society? 

We also touch upon the biggest risk to businesses, societies and to the next few generations - climate risk, albeit only in brief.

Tune in for this week’s brand new episode – The FinTech Thanksgiving. And thank you – for being part of our ecosystem.

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