Aug. 13, 2019

Shades of Grey: The Journey towards Social Innovation

Shades of Grey: The Journey towards Social Innovation

GoGo's journey to provide transportation for older adults

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Social isolation affects people both emotionally and physically, and older adults who struggle financially are at an even greater risk of isolation. In the next ten years over 11 million adults will stop driving due to age related impairments. Over 8 million have no smartphone and no experience with new technology. Many of them will be forced to rely on a patchwork of friends, family, community members and caregivers to get around.

In this episode of Shades of Grey, Theodora Lau talk to Justin Boogaard, the co-founder of GogoGrandparent. Gogo helps families take care of their loved ones from afar. Our first producthelps older adults use on demand services from a phone call: "Press 1 for an Uber to your home." Justin describes the birth of Gogo.

"Over Christmas my grandmother told me she was afraid of driving at night, and asked for a way to call Uber from her flip phone. GoGoGrandparent was born and she took her first trip to CoCo's Diner. She ordered a stack of buttermilk pancakes and extra crispy bacon."

GoGoGrandparent is one of the very few startups that sees the opportunity to do well while doing good. They aim to solve the transportation needs of older adults by connecting seniors to ride sharing services such as Lyft, and providing personalized services that give the caregivers a peace of mind. In the long run, they also aim to expand into meals, groceries, and medicine delivery, on a virtual caregiving platform, that enables older adults to live independently longer.

Listen in to Justin and Theo discussing how we can address our social responsibility to take care of our aging families.

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