Sept. 10, 2019

Red Envelope: Lessons from the Land of the Rising Sun

Red Envelope: Lessons from the Land of the Rising Sun

How can Fintech serve the ageing population in Japan?

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Japan is known as the most ultra-aged society globally, where one in four Japanese citizens are 65 or older. This fact, combined with healthy lifestyles and one of the world’s longest life expectancies, means that Japan must rapidly address longevity-related challenges alongside providing some unique lessons for our global society. 

In this episode of Red Envelope, Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer bring you thoughts from the FINSUM event in Japan. The conference covered a variety of topics from the future of payments, fintech innovation, and the evolving world of financial services covering more specifically the impact of big technology firms, artificial intelligence and ethics, the role of data, and much more.

Theo and Brad discuss the opportunities for Fintech in Japan - where ageing is a critical social factor. Japan is the only country in the world with a national public holiday called Respect for the Aged Day, or Keiro no Hi — to honor the country’s aging citizens. Japan’s public and private sectors embrace this societal zeitgeist by working diligently to address the needs of its aging population through technology, innovation, policy, and structural changes.

Brad discusses his work in Japan with Accenture as part of an economic development mission designed to help the Tokyo Metropolitan Government promote its growing tech and fintech ecosystem and became an Ambassador for Invest Tokyo.

Listen in for more insights from Theo and Brad about the third largest economy in the world.

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