July 29, 2019

Red Envelope: From the C-Suite to Venture Capital

Red Envelope: From the C-Suite to Venture Capital

Fintech Opportunities in the UK and India from the C-Suite

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Over the past few years, we have seen several senior execs in banks move into the startup/fintech community. Many made the transition from wall street to silicon valley. That journey is certainly not an easy one, especially when one serves at the highest levels in financial institutions before making that jump. Very few have managed it with the grace and success like Banesh Prabhu - our guest for this week.

Banesh Prabhu is the ex-global COO/CTO of Citigroup Consumer Bank International. He spent over 22 years at Citiwhere he rose to the C-Suite as the Chief Technology and Chief Operating office across 55 countries covering 80 Million customers. He was part of Citi's information technology leadership council and planning group through the period.

Arun Krishnakumar and Banesh discuss Fintech and innovation trends in India and the UK, and see how they compare to each other. The opportunities that new business models in emerging markets have created for Fintech and how/if the West can learn from it.

Banesh has a stellar track record as an investor and he has had significant tech exits, with iFlex and Aurion Pro. He also serves as a senior advisor to BCG, and now he is a partner at Green Shores Capital. So the discussion touches upon opportunities for investment in the UK and in India, and what areas Green Shores Capital is focusing on.

Listen in for more insights on how a C-Suite leader has transitioned into a highly successful Venture capital Investor

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