Sept. 24, 2019

Red Envelope: Building Blocks of Prosperity

Red Envelope: Building Blocks of Prosperity

Financial Inclusion at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

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Everyone should have equal access to the building blocks of prosperity. We must strive to create more opportunities for people to truly thrive, to create an environment without economically induced fears or setbacks. Simply being included in the formal banking system will never be enough. Being fully embraced by the full arsenal of services provided by the financial system is what is required.

But gaining that access is uneven at best, and geared toward the very wealthy at worst. Think back to when you were born, and more specifically where you were born. On our planet, there are seven and a half billion people. Everybody has a different journey, a different choose your own adventure if you will, yet one whose starting point no one gets to choose.

This is why we must strive to make banking better. In this episode Bradley Leimer talks with Kosta Peric, Deputy Director, Financial Services for the Poor at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation about his background at SWIFT and Innotribe, and the Gates Foundation’s new open source payments platform, Mojaloop, and the different ways they are focused on meeting the financial services needs of the poor.

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