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Aug. 6, 2019

Judge Me By My Cover: Your Voice Matters

Judge Me By My Cover: Your Voice Matters

Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance

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How innovative and interesting would we be if we all think and talk alike? How would our actions and assumptions ever be challenged if we thought all the same?

Diversity is more than gender - although that might be the one point of difference most talked about today. Diversity is also about age, ethnicity, socioeconomic backgrounds, beliefs, diversity of thoughts, and beyond. It is more than just placing a “token” diverse member in your team - and it’s not about numbers and quotas.

In this episode of Judge me by my cover, Bradley Leimer joins Theodora Lau discuss the topic of diversity in innovation. The tech world have been notoriously poor in creating an environment where people from different backgrounds come together and contribute to the workplace. Less than 2% of Venture capital was allocated to women only founding teams in 2018.

But diversity is not just about the workplace or gender. It is also about how we address social issues. How many fintechs startups do you know of that are innovating for the 115 million older adults and their circles of care?

None of us are born biased. And neither is our technology - it does not , or should not, care about how old we are, what gender or ethnicity we belong to, or where we were born. Our upbringing and our life experiences shape our view - of how the world is, and how it should be. That in turn, shape the solutions that we create and the challenges we choose to tackle.

Listen in to Brad and Theo in yet another crazily engaging conversation.

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