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July 1, 2019

Judge me by my cover: A future beyond algorithms

Judge me by my cover: A future beyond algorithms

Transformation is about striking a balance between the cadence of machines and that of human touch

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In a world of algorithms and hashtags, true human connectivity is too often replaced by clicks. Our interactions and conversations are interrupted by digital notifications that long for our attention. Phone calls are replaced by messages on our friends’ digital walls and feeds; face-to-face coffee breaks yield to likes and retweets.

In this episode of our podcast, Theodora Lau and Bradley Leimer continue the discussion about China, advancements of data analytics, and exchange of value in a data economy. With GDPR and the recent backlash against Facebook related to data privacy, businesses that rely on "You are the product" models may have to reconsider their strategy. In a world where every single action and conversation that a customer has, is being tracked, it is critical that they realise the importance of data protection.

How often are we looking up, instead of looking down – at our phones, our laptops, our feeds? What happens to our dreams when technology envelopes all of our time? How much can we really enjoy the moment and be one with our surroundings when we are busy snapping photos for Instagram? Just observe how eager a little child tries to get their parents’ phone - the very device that competes for their parents’ focus.

Listen in to hear more from Theo and Brad on data sharing and privacy and the importance of human touch.

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