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Oct. 24, 2022

Demystifying angel investing with a purpose-driven investor

Demystifying angel investing with a purpose-driven investor
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When you invest in an early-stage startup, you are making a bet on the founder and the co-founding team — the humans who are authentically connected to the mission. It is a privilege to be an angel investor, a unique role that can make a real difference for a startup, not only because of cash flow, but because of non-financial support — including the real world knowledge and experience you have earned through your own journey. In this episode of One Vision, Theo chats with Maya Ghosn Bichara, an early-stage, purpose-driven investor and advisor, on the ins and outs of angel investing. Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an angel investor? Tune in to find out! It is an absolutely inspirational conversation that you would not want to miss.

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