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One Vision

One Vision

The One Vision podcast is co-hosted by Theodora Lau, Arunkumar Krishnakumar and Bradley Leimer. It brings purposeful innovation to spotlight through meaningful conversations with a diverse group of guests. It's where impact meets innovation.

One Vision is a convergence of minds that dream of a sustainable world for future generations galvanized by innovation. We speak to startup founders, investors, industry players, thought leaders and policy makers in the innovation ecosystem and get their views.

While there have been a lot discussed about innovation in the western world, we believe that impact at scale can be achieved in the emerging markets too. We talk to many emerging market players and highlight their efforts to create such leap frog moments.

We believe there are many innovation stories that have impact on people's life across the world. We identify these stories and talk to them about their journeys, successes and challenges they have had to overcome.

In providing a stage for these entrepreneurs, thought leaders and innovators, we hope to inspire a generation looking to effect positive change.

One Vision, One Dream, One Voice for One sustainable future.

Recent Episodes

From C-Suite of Tier 1 Banks to Fintech

Jan. 30, 2023

As someone who has spent years running tier 1 big banks, Ashok Vaswani is no stranger to the pressure and demands for incumbent banks to evolve with the change of time. While there is always much talk about digital transform…

Sustainability - Innovate for the future

Jan. 25, 2023

A LinkedIn Audio Event

A conversation with a visionary on the future of the internet

Jan. 23, 2023

Trying to define the Metaverse is akin to trying to define the internet when the internet wasn’t there. While the technology components such as artificial intelligence and blockchain are not new, convergence of these technol…

From exclusivity to community: Delivering on the promise of technology

Jan. 14, 2023

In this episode of One Vision, Theo and Arun chat with Mike Dudas, a serial entrepreneur and investor, and the Founder & General Partner of 6MV. 2022 certainly has not been an easy year for the industry. From poor market per…

Sustainability: A journey and a call to action

Jan. 9, 2023

In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” How far we have come; and how far…

Culture of belonging

Jan. 2, 2023

From the great resignation and quiet quitting to career cushioning and layoffs, we have witnessed a great deal of turbulence in the workplace in 2022. As the culture continues to evolve, how can organizations best support th…