May 30, 2023

Obsessed With 1% Better: Unlocking Personal Growth and Success | Conversations with Julie, Mika, and Tia

Obsessed With 1% Better: Unlocking Personal Growth and Success | Conversations with Julie, Mika, and Tia

In this episode, hosts Julie, Mika, and Tia engage in a candid and inspiring conversation about the concept of doing life 1% better. They explore the power of incremental progress and the positive impact it can have on personal and professional growth. The hosts share their own goals and aspirations for the next year, discussing how small improvements can lead to significant transformations. Join them as they delve into the importance of self-belief, overcoming challenges, and embracing authenticity.

Episode Highlights:

  1. The Genius of 1% Better:

Julie, Mika, and Tia conclude the episode by encouraging listeners to embrace the concept of doing life 1% better. They emphasize the power of incremental progress, self-belief, and authenticity in achieving personal and professional growth. By taking small steps towards their goals each day, listeners can experience significant transformations and create a positive impact in their lives.GET TIA'S BOOK-- OBSESSED WITH MINDFUL EATING HERE!

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Get Obsessed with us. Collectively we are a nutritionist, a master certified life coach, an attorney, and a self-esteem expert. We dive into topics that uncover the essence of the human experience. Our stories are one of kicking fear in the face and taking a leap of faith.

We are equally obsessed with the works of Brene Brown and are inspired to study and understand the 30 core emotions. Each week we will explore another emotion, talk to experts in their field and inspire you to live the life you are meant to be living.

We are Julie Lokun, JD, Tia Morell Walden, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and Mika Altidor, Certified Life Coach. Join us for the conversation, and more importantly be a part of the conversation. Reach out with a question or comment about an episode or suggest a personal development topic you are obsessed with. After all, the Obsessed Podcast is for you and about you.

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