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March 30, 2023

Episode 10 - Sirrah Medeiros - From Marine to Author and Publisher

Episode 10 - Sirrah Medeiros - From Marine to Author and Publisher
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Oath We Took

This week I am honored to have Sirrah on to share a piece of her story. We will talk about her journey in the Marine Corps and how she transitioned to an author and publisher. We will even talk about an opportunity for female veterans to get involved in a horror anthology.


A horror anthology written by women military veteransSubmissions open March 16th for those who identify as a woman and have served in the military. 

Closing date is April 30, 2023. 

**Honor Code – do not submit to this call if you do not fit the requirments. Description of your military service in the body of your email is needed before staff will read your submission.

THEME: Hauntings/to be haunted/to haunt. 

We are not looking for service-related stories, only that haunting be the central theme. Hauntings of a classic horror nature as well as other types such as psychological, trauma, life choices, and similar that take the reader into a dark, horror tale. The goal is to highlight excellent talent from women military veterans who are horror writers, not for stories to be military focused, although you may include the military in your story if you wish.