Oct. 13, 2021

Why You Should Give A F* About Farming with Gabi Chan

Why You Should Give A F* About Farming with Gabi Chan

Listen in to this cracker of a conversation with Gabrielle Chan in which we talk about her important and really engaging new book Why you Should Give A F*ck About Farming


Gabi is a political journalist who lives upon and works from a mixed use farm in NSW. She is the Rural & Regional Editor for the Guardian Australia and the author of Rusted Off, 2018 and Why you Should Give A F*ck About Farming, August 2021.


Her latest great book digs deep and wide, to share insights and perspectives about a plethora of very key and ‘now’ issues that are critical to the sustainability and wellbeing of our food, agricultural, community and landscape futures.


“There is no farmers and others. If you eat or wear clothes, the decisions you make influence farming….


Farming sits at the intersection of the world’s biggest challenges around climate change, soil, water, energy, natural disasters and zoonotic diseases. Yet Australia has no national food policy. No national agriculture strategy. Our water policy is close to the Hunger Games. People with means can shop farmers’ markets and order brunch by the provenance of their eggs, bacon, butter, tomatoes and greens. But do they really understand the trade-offs required to grow it?...


We must forge a new social contract if we are to grow healthy food on a thriving landscape, while mitigating climate and biodiversity loss”


Gabrielle Chan - Author

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