Dec. 10, 2021

Richard Heath on Grains, Pulses & Future Protein

Richard Heath on Grains, Pulses & Future Protein

A great conversation with Richard all about our grains sector and the incredible challenges, changes, and opportunities on the horizon for grain producers and what they may be growing in the future as demand for plant-based and other protein continues to grow both here and for export. 

Richard Heath is the Executive Director of the Australian Farm Institute (AFI) and he’s also a Director of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC).

Richard’s an experienced farmer, a passionate advocate of and for R&D and value-adding. He shares some amazing insights about the huge, positive impact R&D has had on grain producers over the past twenty years as they have had to contend with climate change and more severe droughts. 


A great conversation that’s all about grains, current and future horizons, and how climate and other healthy, sustainable food drivers are together creating big challenges and opportunities for Australian grain producers and eaters. 


We talk:

  • Flexitarian diets and new horizons for pulses and value-adding of them as well as wheat and its importance here at home and for export
  • R&D and the incredible impact it has and continues to have to enable producers to ‘grow’ grain in increasingly tough circumstances
  • Who our grain growers are and the changing face and profile of Australian farming and the question of ‘hollowing out’ in the middle…
  • The potential for value-adding onshore for the sector, especially if cheaper renewable energy can be made available in the regions 
  • Issues around plant-based proteins and labeling
  • The importance of new crops – for nutrient-dense food and for ecological services on the farm
  • Innovation in the sector to deliver better sustainability and ESG outcomes 
  • Back to back extreme weather events and what it means for farmers equity and futures

And a whole lot more. It’s a great conversation that travels far and wide. Huge thanks Richard!




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