Oct. 6, 2021

Part 2 | Working Together, Landcare NSW Aboriginal Engagement

Part 2 | Working Together, Landcare NSW Aboriginal Engagement

Welcome to the second part of my great conversation with Craig Aspinall that’s all about Landcare NSW’s ‘Working Together’ program that Craig manages as the Community Aboriginal Engagement Officer. It’s an Australian first in the Landcare movement and already delivering strong outcomes.

Landcare NSW’s forward looking Working Together program is all about empowering Aboriginal people to get involved in Landcare projects in NSW and to encourage Landcare groups and participants to reach out, engage and build meaningful collaborations with Aboriginal people. 

We dig in to hear more from Craig about the high impact, small grants program that he’s been managing that was oversubscribed, successful and kicking great goals. We also talk about firesticks burning (and how everyone wants to learn more about it and support it) and challenges that need to be addressed – calling progressive Insurance organisations to get behind it! 

What we do on the land has a huge impact on the health of our oceans and marine biodiversity. So, in this Episode,  we also talk connections between terrestrial landcare and care for our oceans and marine life.  You’ve heard of Paddock to Plate? But have you heard of Tide to Table?

Craig is an inspiring, can do person with a huge depth of knowledge and experience. He is an Aboriginal man from the Birpai nation on the lower north coast of NSW and has devoted his private and working life to the natural and cultural values associated with land and sea country.  He spoke at the recent Landcare Australia National Conference, and the title of his talk was “Breaking the Barriers Between Landcare in NSW and First Nations Peoples: Recognition, Value, Collaboration”.  Powerful, positive stuff.  I loved meeting and talking with Craig – and reckon you will too.


NSW Landcare, Working Together program:  https://landcarensw.org.au/projects/aboriginal-communities-engagement-program/

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