Sept. 15, 2021

Meet HFSA - Health, Sustainability, Equity - Systems thinking for healthy food policy

Meet HFSA - Health, Sustainability, Equity - Systems thinking for healthy food policy

Listen in and be inspired by Kate Sievert, Cherie Russell and Sarah Dickie who are the founders of, and new generation force behind, Healthy Food Systems Australia (HFSA). HFSA is an advocacy group they’ve established that is dedicated to promoting a food system that is healthy and sustainable for all people and the planet, through holistic and system-wide policy actions.

In this episode we discuss why they created HFSA, food systems, wicked interconnections, leverage points for reform and yup, pretty much the need for transformative change – why we need it ‘now’ and why these big challenges need and can benefit from more holistic, systems thinking and policy action.

Kate, Cherie and Sarah are each currently completing their pHds in exciting areas of nutrition science and/or public health nutrition at Deakin University. There they work with Professor Mark Lawrence and Dr Phillip Baker, who are international leaders in healthy and sustainable food systems research and who offer much needed critical perspectives on key issues – that include ultraprocessed foods. (Listen in to NM Season 1, ep.2  with Phil in which we talk about how junk food is junking our health and the planet).   

The work that HFSA, these three great women and their colleagues do is really timely, especially as we head toward the UN Food Systems Summit, September 23. Whose voices will be at the table? Will the Summit strengthen action for linked up healthy and sustainable food systems?

It’s people like Kate, Cherie, Sarah and groups like HFSA who’ll be looking out to identify and help tackle these wicked challenges for a healthier future.


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