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April 7, 2017

Paul Germain

Paul Germain is best known for developing the original The Simpsons shorts for The Tracy Ullman Show, and co-creating childhood favorites, Rugrats, Recess and Llyod in Space.

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Rugrats co-creator Paul Germain belongs in the Animation Hall of Awesomeness for his work on the seminal Nickelodeon show. And then there’s that little thing called The Simpsons that he developed as shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show. Then there’s Recess. And Lloyd In Space. You want more? How about getting his first job after college on the Academy Award-winning movie Terms of Endearment and giving Cameron Crow the idea for the graduation speech in Say Anything? Paul joins Hector in the studio for a lively talk about his incredible career and breaks it down for aspiring writers, producers, and animation buffs. So listen up and learn from one of the masters of the Hollywood trade!