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航海王:红(小鸭电影2022) One Piece Film RED TW-线上看免费 航海王:红 (2022) One Piece Film RED - 完整版 高清 . 电影 |2022-HD| 在线观看 电影 ( 航海王:红 ) 完整版本 . 航海王:红 - 豆瓣電影 又名: 航海王:红 / 海贼王:红 / 海贼王剧场版15 / 航海王剧场版:红发歌姬(台) / 海贼王2022 / 航海王剧场版15 / 航海王2022

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What makes a good theme song? Hector finds out when he talks toon tunes with some of our iconic Nick creators from CatDog, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold!, Dora the Explorer, TMNT and more in this special musical episode of the podcast.

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Pinky Malinky creators Chris Garbutt & Rikke Asbjoern are the proud parents of the first social media savvy cartoon character on Nickelodeon! The ingenious creators join Hector and share the inspirations for the series design, music, diversity, and humor.

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Oct. 27, 2017

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes is one of the most successful and soulful voice actors working in cartoons. But as Hector discovers in this epic episode, Greg's passions don't stop there. He teaches meditation, writes music and is devoted to the rescue and welfare of animals.

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Oct. 20, 2017

Legend of Korra Cast

Earth. Fire. Air. Water. And a whole lot of elements of awesomeness in this episode with The Legend of Korra cast joins Hector on a deep dive into their auditions, favorite memories and what it was like to star in one of the most inspiring toons.

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Oct. 13, 2017

Mitch Schauer

The Angry Beavers creator Mitch Schauer was more than an expert animator when Nick heard his idea for a cartoon; he was also a self-educated beaver expert!

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