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Red scare for the boys


The most up to date news on table showers


Someone mail these guys a gun and cuban link chain.

Great podcast

I’ve been revisiting the old wrestling cinema episodes and they’re right, they have gotten dumber. Still great podcast though. Also Pat says “I hate your face” in a way that seems to reference something problematic, so canceled I guess.

Like Tim Pool but not as moronic

Pat and Eric basically are like the Tim Pool types, but since they’re not grifter morons, they actually have coherent politics and don’t buy into the weird right wing narratives.

Two Head GOAT

Been a fan for a minute but they really be knocking it out of the park with the rubmaps reviews. Pat has some common sense takes that masquerade as spicy and eric is a wet blanket liberal. Love yall.



I like when they agree with me.

I tolerate when they don’t.

Love it

I love the show but that last episode is so depressing. For the love of god please stop talking about Covid.


If you feel trapped in a single narrative echo chamber, this podcast explores the nuances of everything your friends don’t want to discuss.

Good pod

These guys are kinda dumb but they got some interesting things to say.

Five stars

Quit with the covid talk we get it you watch Alex Jones vids, open the pod back up, open the economy up

Dear lord


Best possible podcast

Eric’s sultry voice makes me question my heterosexuality and Patrick’s hot takes are on point more than any talking head political pundit. It’s all love and I’d enjoy more movie reviews.

When you take a stance you do the puppetman’s dance

Great conversation, lengthy episodes and the bonus content from the patreon make this one of my favorite and go to pods!

Best podcast

Easily my favorite podcast. Consistently funny, Eric and Pat bounce off eachother well and there’s some genuinely good insights. One time pk said I sound like the kinda guy who unironically hangs up LED christmas lights in my bedroom. He was right and it’s cool.

Veggie soapie jerky

Great vegan soap and jerky. Terrible podcast.

Red Pill Podcast

My favorite Right Wing podcast!


not gay

Funny and real

It's right wing now but what do you do? Gotta make money somehow. Just 2 people talking about current events with interesting perspectives.

Funny, Hot Takes

Refreshing break from the ordinary. Smart perspective on what’s up

Humorous and insightful

One of my favs


After lunch at the office I like to hit the weed pen in the bathroom then throw on some worst possible timeline pod

Challenge Yourself

Hilarious, informative, challenging, passionate, bizarre, and essential.

Wilson / Kindlon 2020

The funniest podcast, hands down.

Anti-Condom Heroes

This podcast made me throw out all of my condoms.

I love my two dads, Eric & Patrick

The 48 laws of power changed my life for the best As did this podcast

Haha waddduuuuppp

This podcast is a pretty good time. I like when the intro starts and blows out my speakers from that sick huge explosion. I get a lot of my YouTube suggestions from the charismatic hosts. I'm also down with Eric's taste in the amateur looking chicks in his pot . I like when Patrick starts looking things up on Wikipedia and falls down a wikihole. Overall better than listening to my coworkers talk at work. Shout outs to headphones

They are very good at speaking

fukkin wit thiz hrd. gv it a listne. they keep it real n un4ced