Sept. 12, 2022

Working For Free w/ Ian Martin Allison Main

Working For Free w/ Ian Martin Allison Main

Ian Martin Allison is a bassist. And not just any bassist, this dude is an absolute MONSTER on the instrument. Ever since he was first "forced" into the roll of commanding the low end, he developed a true passion for the instrument that is nearly impossible to match.

Ian has performed countless times in a wide variety of situations, but as far as The Internet is concerned he is most closely associated with the widely acclaimed channel Scott's Bass Lessons. He has also produced a ton of content on his own, which can mostly be found on his Instagram page. Give him a follow HERE and you will be very glad you did!

If you don't know Scott's Bass Lessons, you really should. Even if you are a guitarist like myself. It's a pretty incredible resource. Scott's website is HERE and the YouTube channel is HERE.

The Tone Mob Discord is HERE

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