Feb. 13, 2023

DO Meet Your Heroes w/ Brian Poston of The Shootouts

DO Meet Your Heroes w/ Brian Poston of The Shootouts
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The Shootouts play both kinds of music. That's right both of them. Country AND Western.

The band also has a ripping guitar player named Brian Poston. Brian came on the show today to talk about his experiences working with and meeting some absolute legends in the country music scene, as well as some of his personal musical heroes. (Marty Stewart and Jim Campilongo anyone?)

We also talk about his guitar rig, why he prefers quite stages, how there used to be no drumming at the Grand Ole Opry, and a whole lot more!

Check out the band on their website: https://www.shootoutsmusic.com/

Also Brian's website is available here: https://www.brianposton.net/

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