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One of the best podcasts out there!
Absolutely hooked! Especially the Chino and Delonge episodes got me into Dewey’s podcast. Love the guests and conversations, made my daily commute a lot more fun. Plus Dewey is a super friendly dude to chat with and he doesn’t mind to reach out listener comments. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast!

So much more substance than a standard interview.
Dewey is a fantastic interviewer and is great at making his guests feel comfortable which makes for more open and honest conversation. You can listen to 3 interviews on 3 different shows with the same guest and yet you always get a unique experience/conversation on Peer Pleasure. The conversations always have meat to them. Highly recommend!

More than just an interview
One of the best podcasts out there. In depth interviews with some of your favorite artists and composers. I’ve been listening to Dewey for the past 3 years or longer. His interviews are not just the music it’s about the person and the conversations get deep and so much more then you could expect. The unseen corners of these conversations are just the bread and butter of what makes this podcast so special. Just hit that subscribe button and enjoy the journey!

1st class
Dewey knows how to have a conversation and let’s things flow naturally… But with INTENTION. Fantastic podcast. Get to it.

The best!!
Dewey pulls amazing stories out of a huge variety of creative persons! Thanks for making these, I’ll keep listening!

My favorite podcast of all time
Please don’t ever stop.

The Maron of Music Podcasts
I’m pretty sure a guest drew that parallel on a recent episode, but Dewey’s conversation style is very genuine, and for the most part his guests really appreciate that. I always find something to relate to and remind myself that despite the noise of modern society, a sense of humanity is still very much present in all of us. I look forward to the podcast every week - its a highlight.

This podcast is amazing!!! I’m late to the game, but man, the lineup of artists that are interviewed is so outstanding!!! If you’re into GOOD music, then your band or favorite singer, guitarist, or whatever, is definitely on here!!! I’m gonna be binging this for a while to get caught up! Super super podcast!!!! Now go rate and review!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of my favorites!
This is one of my favorite podcast to listen to. Dewey is a great host and its a conversation instead of the normal interview question and answer style. Im always blown away by where these interviews go! Favorite Eps Chino Moreno, Frank Maddocks, Eva Gardener and so many more. Much love from Aaron in VA.

The only podcast I need
That fact that you guys regularly have interviews with people that hold a special place in my heart is almost unbelievable. This is the best show. That’s why I keep coming back for more. Thank you guys for doing what you do. What you all are doing is meaningful. It’s impactful. It’s important.

This podcast id amazing!!! I’m late to the game, but man!!! The lineup of artists that are interviewing is so outstanding!!! If you’re into GOOD music, then your band or favorite singer, guitarist, or whatever, is definitely on here!!! I’m gonna be binging this for a while to get caught up! Super super podcast!!!! Now go rate and review!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A rare breath of fresh air.
Dewey interviews from the heart and allows the artists to move past their product and into the realm of their being. This is an amazing podcast for those who like to learn about a person existing. Every episode is worth a listen.

Best thing ever!!
This show just might be the greatest podcast out there! I love everything about it and it keeps getting better. Keep it up!

This has become a weekly listen, no matter who the guest is. Dewey has a very relaxed, and genuine format, and the show is less an interview but a conversation.

Just Amazing
Dewey is a fantastic podcaster who has me coming back week after week. Thanks for your hard work and great conversations. Keep working on getting fantastic guests and look forward to one day seeing Freddie Vedder!

Fantastic Podcast
Dewey is an incredible interviewer and he gets all the best guests. Mad respect for his talent and this podcast!

Fun listen
Delightful listen with well thought questions and casual conversation.

L I S T E N .
Unique conversations of wide-ranging topics with all the names you ought to know. Thanks, Dewey ✌🏼

Great podcast. Dewey is a kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable interviewer.

New favorite Podcast
I love the premise of this podcast. Dewey is a great interviewer and has a really thoughtful guest list. Even though I know these amazing artist are just regular people too, he draws things out of them that make them feel like someone that I might know. I’m bummed that I’m late to discovering this podcast but I’m stoked to have so many episodes to binge and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

You had me tfot
Love this podcast great conversations with all sorts of musicians. Keep up the great work!

Good Stuff
Just found this podcast, great job, great guest!

Great stuff
Dewey is the man and this podcast is truly great. He has the best guests. Dave freaking Mello!

Did the Dew
Friendly man, sexy voice and some interesting conversations.

Do the Dew
Dewey always has great conversations

My favorite podcast!
Every episode gets better and better. Dewey has such a natural way of “interviewing” (more like a conversation) with these amazing artists. Please check out this podcast!

Fantastic Pleasure To Listen To
I absolutely love this podcast. Dewey is an excellent interviewer. He and his guests create some truly awesome conversations that are a total joy and pleasure to listen in on. The Peer Pleasure Podcast showcases a wide variety of interesting guests. It’s been so fun catching up with my favorite bands from “back in the day” and learning what they’re up to present day and their incredible journeys along the way. I’m so thrilled to have learned about this podcast now (better late than never). I still have plenty to catch up on. I’ve listened to about 30 episodes or so, so far, and this podcast is easily topping my list of favorite shows. I very highly recommend! Total 5 star production all around! Love the content. Great work, Dewey!

Worth binging
Dewey is a rad interviewer. Doesn’t cut guests off from great stories. Asks interesting questions that lead into phenomenal stories told by the guests. If you love music, or entertainment this podcast is a great stop. Block out a large chunk of time or live with headphones in like I do... cause you’re about to go down the rabbit hole. Dewey doesn’t miss.

Fun & calming
I love that this isn’t the typical “let’s hock the new album” style podcast . The conversations often naturally flow into unexpected directions. I find myself even enjoying the episodes that feature guests that I wouldn’t go out of my way to check out . I usually listen to podcasts while commuting to & from work, and these conversations are the perfect medicine to suppress my anger and anxiety while battling the insanity that is Boston driving .

Great Podcast. A+
I found this podcast in fall 2020 and I’m so grateful I did. As a male, as a parent and as a therapist, this podcast really impacts me in ways I did not expect. I thought I would be listening to another music podcast, but instead I find deep exploration of feeling and connection on such a deeper level. Sometimes it focuses on music, sometimes on mental health and sometimes goes other places you don’t expect. This podcast has quickly made its way to the top of my favorites list.