The Peer Pleasure Podcast

A gem for a niche crowd

I discovered Dewey Halpaus’ show The Peer Pleasure Podcast via the interview with Johnny Whitney, former vocalist of the Blood Brothers. Dewey is a great interviewer with great connections who isn’t afraid to ask the questions HE wants to ask, and knows how to balance doing his research on the guest vs letting the conversation flow with someone unknown. Most of the guests are musicians associated with the punk/metal/alt scenes from the 80’s-2010’s which is a great niche show for a crowd that may not even listen to podcasts yet. Occasionally the guests come from the worlds of comedy, porn and the music industry’s business side but no matter who it is, it’s always a great interview.

Jan. 2, 2018 by theeeyez on Apple Podcasts

The Peer Pleasure Podcast

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