Aug. 5, 2019

Leah Wellbaum (Slothrust)

Leah Wellbaum (Slothrust)

This is my chat with the one and only Leah Wellbaum from Slothrust! What an awesome chat that went so many places from DMX and Cameo, to deep thoughts on water and bruising. I flew down to LA and met up at her home studio for this in person visit and what a great time it was. Check it out, tell a friend and don't forget to rate and subscribe!

The Unnamed Studio Space  [08:04]

The Fucking Ocean Pt. 1 AND Pt. 2  [09:00]

There’s a Rainbow in Every Bruise [12:02]

Destabilizing Positions – This Will Help [13:58]

Magnetic Music & Non Violent Art [15:46]

The Woooo [18:13]

Hip Hop Curious [20:38]

Time & Place for Exact Rhyme [24:00]

From The Jump [25:55]

Visual ASMR [27:14]

Sonic Texture & Whit [28:11] 

The Side Project – Animal Planet [33:27]

Improv Instrumental Yoga [35:00]

Intimacies & the Internet  [37:25]

Our Fans Have Amazing Boundaries – Meet & Greets  [40:00]

A Series Of Sad Planets  [45:55]

I Go Both Ways On Cameo [48:14]

 Kiss & a Punch [52:00]

Gucci Beauty Face [54:46]

People are Listening to This [55:49]

Playing in Portland [58:49]

I Love The People That Come Out to Our Shows  [1:00:13]

I’ve Never Gotten a Murder Confession [1:02:38]

Queer [1:05:52]

What’s Next [1:16:27]

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