Sept. 17, 2019

Ken Vasoli (The Starting Line)

Ken Vasoli (The Starting Line)

This week’s guest is a self proclaimed “podcast freak”, but you may know him from a little band that started up in the early 2000’s called, The Starting Line. Ken Vasoli!  Dewey and Ken dive right in, recapping the fascinating “Fat Mike” episode. Dewey shares a little behind the scenes of that initial first call with Fat Mike, what we didn’t hear in the interview. Ken reveals that he is in fact a podcast host himself! His show, titled Wax On, is essentially a college radio show run in his music room where him and his girlfriend play and discuss a handful of records with the occasional guest. 

Originally from Horshem, PA, Ken lived a pretty suburban life. He began piano lessons at age 5, imitating his older brother, which soon led to sibling competitiveness. At 9 he took on the bass guitar with his teacher, Rick Smith, that lead him through the entire Highway to Hell album. Ken shines insight on his musical upbringing with his dad’s cover band playing tunes such as “Heard it From the Grapevine”. 

Dewey inquires about the initial joining of The Starting Line, and how his age played into that. He was in fact only 14 when he began playing with Matt. Ken notes that the age gap between him and the rest of the members never seemed that strange. The two talk through the sound evolution of The Starting Line, and how different each album is.  Ken shares tales from days of touring with the RX Bandits and going deep into the “weed hole”.

Ken shines light on the status of The Starting Line, why they went on hiatus, and what came of it. 

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