July 23, 2019

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag)

Justin Sane (Anti-Flag)

Website Link: http://peerpleasurepodcast.com/justin-sane-anti-flag-episode-106/

Set in the Punk in Drublic greenroom in Portland, Oregon, Justin Sane sits down with Dewey and shares intimate parts of his childhood growing up in a large family, and being grandfathered into punk and activism. Justin explains how punk is a vital part of who he is at his core, and the impact it has on his songwriting skills. 

Howdy [9:04]

Iconic Staple [10:02]

He Was Probably A Racist [10:25]

Pseudo Movie Star t [12:23]

Conviction of Activism [13:14]

Evolution of Parents & Religion [15:47]

Grandfathered into Punk [18:47]

Insane & Chaotic [21:00]

The Youngest of 9 [22:36]

Punk at the Core [24:04]

True to Our Roots [26:16]

Take a Risk, Get Political [30:07]

Punk Revival [33:23]

The Craft of Songwriting [34:54]

Feel Good Songs & Validation [37:18]

What About the Poor [40:07]

Empathy & Understanding [41:30]

More Than a Nationality [44:05]

The Calculation of Greed [49:15]

Religion is Dangerous [50:25]

Keep Fighting the Good Fight [51:00]

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