July 11, 2019

Fat Mike (NOFX)

Fat Mike (NOFX)


This weeks interview takes place at two different times, in two different parts of the country, and quickly escalates into one of the craziest conversations that has ever dawned on The Peer Pleasure Podcast. The first portion of this journey begins with the raw initial over the phone introduction of Dewey and Fat Mike and transitions into unforeseen events that eventually leads to Dewey sitting poolside with Fat Mike, his girlfriend, his dominatrix, and Mike Mowery of JabberJaw Media all dressed in full latex drag. Listen in as Fat Mike shares his personal insights to punk rock, his childhood, love, loss, bondage, and so much more. 

The Journey Begins – “Pooping out  my ass” [16:10]

Political Storytelling – The technical side of NOFX [17:25]

Fair Leather Friends – Lost friendships [20:50]

Drugs and Coping in LA  [22:02]

Cokie the Clown – You’re Welcome [23:32]

The Man of Honor and Depression [24:30]

The Songs – Original and never been done [28:45]

Home Sweet Home – The Musical [34:10

Speaking Tour and Stand Up [35:25]

S&M [36:00]

16 Different Chords [39:15]

Six Floggs Abusement Park [40:35]

A serious pool side interview…in latex and heels [42:00]

Childhood Abandonment [45:35]

 Punk Rock changed it all  [46:15]

BDSM & Heartbreak [49:00]

47 And The Pink Nightie [50:45:47]

You grow out of believing in Santa clause…and then god [54:00]

When No One’s Around [59:00]

You Think You Know Me [1:02:15]

Become Successful, Then Try Drugs [1:04:48]

Bondage on a Plane [1:10:35]

Fatal  – The Poster Girl for Transvestites [1:12:00]

How to Take a Cock in the Ass  [1:13:15]

Cokie – The Unheard [1:17:30]

Negative Reel [1:24:00]

The Best Way to Awaken [1:25:45]

Is this interview getting better or worse? [1:32:00]

The Sentimental Segway [1:35:00]

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