June 1, 2020

Bobby Darling (Gatsby's American Dream, Search/Rescue)

Bobby Darling (Gatsby's American Dream, Search/Rescue)

Hello everyone. Episode 147 is up and live now with my good friend Bobby Darling from the incredible band, Gatsby's American Dream. I have wanted to have this chat with Bobby since the beginning of Peer Pleasure and the day is finally here. Join us as we walk though Bobby's life and his turbulent childhood which shaped the lyrics for one of my favorite records of all time, Ribbons and Sugar. We also discuss life now for him and what the future looks like going forward. We also delve into each of the Gatsby's releases in full and I think you will all get something meaningful from this episode. Please be aware there are some triggers in this episode so please listen with caution if you are a trauma survivor and don't have your kids in the car listening in.

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