Dec. 24, 2020

21. How Saying Yes Led to Success for Steven Li, Photographer & Marketer

21. How Saying Yes Led to Success for Steven Li, Photographer & Marketer

Today Elizabeth speaks with Steven Li, CEO and Founder of Steven Li Photography, about his learning along the entrepreneurship path, and how following his personal interests led to him building his business. Steven’s recipe for business success came from

👨🏻‍💼 Becoming an entrepreneur really wasn't the original goal for Steven. 2:20
▶️ Getting laid off from his engineering job when the oil crash happened in Edmonton led to him earning money through photography. 3:19
🙋🏻‍♂️ Steven is a self-taught photographer who always said “Yes” to all opportunities. 4:50
👨🏻‍💻 Learning along the way and bringing in resources as needed helped growth in new areas. 7:27
🤝 Despite being an introvert, Steven is great at networking. 9:58
🗣️ Steven tried working for an MLM, but while it didn’t work out, he learned all about sales. 14:38
📷 He’s a self-described ‘Everythingtographer’ who’s now focused on a more niche market and began to expand his skills. 16:35
📈 Steven has become a business growth consultant to his clients as well as other photographers. 19:23
🌱 Steven’s advice - Your interests will change over time, so pursue - don’t suppress them.  22:31
📸 Steven acts as a business mentor for other photographers, who many not have business skills, so they can achieve their business dreams. 26:17

Connect with Steven:

Website: Steven Li Photography 
Instagram handle: @stevenliphotography
Facebook Page: StevenLiPhotography
Learn more about Steven’s Unstoppable Photographers Membership Site

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