Dec. 10, 2020

19. Working In the Tropics with Dorothee Upchurch

19. Working In the Tropics with Dorothee Upchurch

Have you ever dreamt of quitting your job and moving somewhere exotic? Maybe it's to the mountains, maybe a cabin by the lake. Today's guest on EIRL, Dorothee Upchurch, did just that! After joking about selling t-shirts on a beach, she now has three bus

🙋‍♀️ From Panama, Welcome Dorothee! 1:48
👕 Bill and Dorothee traveled to Central America on vacation and fell in love with Panama, and started creating t-shirts. 2:56
🚌 Due to the lack of tourist information, they created a website, then organized comedy shows and bus tours. 5:27
😲 Running 3 businesses in a foreign country has some challenges, but learning and delegating tasks has been a key factor of success. 10:16
🫂 They created a community-based place where people share information and experiences. 13:24
🚚 The third business they developed is relocation tourism so people can fully understand if Panama is a good place to retire or to relocate.15:48
📦 Moving somewhere is an emotional decision so you have to ‘feel’ the new place before relocating.  17:00
👉Dorothee and Bill were always guided by the principle ‘Leave it to the experts’ and they are advising people only in areas where they have full expertise. 18:23
🤩 You never know what opportunity will come next, so be open-minded so you’re able to see it. 21:24
🏖️ Bill and Dorothee followed their desires and thought out of the box, and now they are living a higher quality life by the ocean, just as they dreamed. 23:04
🌷 Personal growth starts with stepping out of your comfort zone, and Dorothee was surprised by how she has evolved on her journey.  25:26
🌞 Best time to visit Panama but the weather is always nice. 28:24
🇵🇦 Panama is great for all kinds of internet-based jobs, and they don’t have taxes on foreign income. 30:59

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