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March 4, 2022

Slasher Cast#98 We Talk Child's Play(2019)

Slasher Cast#98 We Talk Child's Play(2019)

Join Slasher and Tyler as they talk horror and nothing but horror on this horror podcast welcome to Slasher Cast 

Horror Fans.

Today Slasher will be continuing our Childs play/ Chucky movie readthroughs and mini movie reviews with Childs Play Remake from 2019.

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Slasher Cast goes up on Slashers YouTube channel Slasher Media Every Friday and the audio version goes up through Anchor few hours before. This podcast is dedicated to bringing you the most entertaining horror podcasting it can Jokes kills arguments and pure horror are just some of the amazing things you will get in this podcast so Horror fans enjoy the gore horror and amazing hosts see you horror fans next time.