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Mindful. Practical. Insightful.

This podcast has been a consistent vessel of truth, awareness and enlightenment. What I value most from what I learn from Maëlis via her BounceBack philosophy, is that everything we possess in life is a matter of choice. If I choose to live in light, I’ll see light. Through listening and engaging for the past year and a half, I have seen great fruits come from the incorporated lifestyle changes I’ve made from the contributions I can credit from this show. The guests, the topics, the suggested yoga practices, ALL encompass a great lifestyle for anyway who chooses it. I appreciate not only what is exuded on the shows, but the lifestyle she has set as her legacy. I feel secure, happy and sound knowing that this is a great haven of good brain food, yoga insight, and holistic balance. I appreciate and LOVE what this outlet has done for myself, and I’m sure as a testimony for others! Keep BouncingBack so we can project forward!

Valuable Wisdom

I’m finding the episodes from the Bounce Back Podcast extremely helpful and inspiring as I’m going through a major transition in my life right now. The messages from Monte Sanders and Brianna Wiest have been especially timely, and I’m so grateful that Maëlis hosted them on the show to share their wisdom and experience.

Feels like I’m chatting with a BFF

I’m loving this podcast so much so far. It has such a feel-good vibe where I feel like I’m in the room chit-chatting with my best friends. With yoga being a huge part of my journey to self-transformation, I’m super grateful for all of the insight and stories of so many different people from all walks of life.

Loved it!

Absolutely loved the interview with Yogini Kali Om!! She is such an inspiration 🙏🏽🕉 Maëlis did a phenomenal job interviewing her. Look forward to listing to more episodes!

Love this Podcast

Maelis hosts a fantastic podcast. I’m learning more about now to use yoga to bounce back. I know I need to practice yoga more often. This show motivates me to do it!

Truly meaningful

This podcast is meaningful and innovative. Maelis is a great host with a strong, creative vision. Looking forward to future episodes!

Remain resilient

I like the episode with Monte Sanders. It was encouraging and I’m motivated to start regular yoga practice to work through life’s many problems, to stay centered and remain resilient.

great for inspiring people to try yoga

Huge shoutout to Ester and Keith, two amazing yoga teachers. I enjoyed listening to their inspiring stories and I look forward to future episodes. If you are a yoga teacher, yoga student or thinking about starting yoga- check this Podcast out.

Listen in for balance and calm

I am so grateful to have discovered this show. I don’t currently have a formal yoga practice yet so much of what was covered was relevant and helpful to my life. Thank you for the encouragement to slow down, breathe, meet myself where I am, and.....maybe go practice some yoga!

Inspiring and Motivating!

Maelis’s enthusiasm and knowledge is so helpful and has me moving more everyday. I am in follow each episodes!