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Hiding Something

Hiding Something

Countless people have walked into the forests of America’s national parks, and never came back out. Some of them have vanished. Some are later found in bizarre locations, and some have no memory of how they got there. Some evidence may point to a conspiracy or a cover-up. Other evidence raises way more questions than answers. 
Come down the rabbit hole as we try to figure out what’s going, and who, just might be hiding something.

Recent Episodes

Chapter 5: What Did Admiral Byrd Actually Find?

Oct. 14, 2021

A secretive military mission to Antarctica. Mysterious images of a snow-covered pyramid ( 79°58'39.2"S 81°57'32.2"W ). A three digit number with an odd connection to powerful leaders. The rabbit hole deepens. Learn more abou…

Chapter 4: The Impossible Window

Sept. 3, 2021

Ominous codes hidden within classic films. A possibly earth-shattering confession. A rocketry pioneer’s involvement in sinister rituals at a notorious mansion. Things take a dark turn. ... ... ... But of no especially sunny …

Chapter 3: The Eye of Providence

Aug. 6, 2021

A strange security badge found in a parking garage near the Pentagon. A series of hidden cities, buried within mountains on America's East Coast. Strange symbols hiding in the plain site within America's biggest airport. The…

Chapter 2: The Cremation of Care

July 22, 2021

Strange rituals being performed in the woods. Secret meetings involving some of the most powerful people in the world. Clues about the real identify of RC Christian, the mysterious stranger behind the Georgia Guidestones. A …

Chapter 1: What Lies Beneath

July 7, 2021

Who's behind a massive monument with a sinister message on a Georgia hillside? What's buried beneath a small island off the coast of Canada where strange artifacts have been found for decades? And, how are these two mysterie…

Trailer: Hiding Something 3 - Leviathan

May 26, 2021

Are powerful individuals actually conspiring to control humanity? Do powerful, all-knowing secret societies actually exist? What’s the truth behind theories surrounding the illuminati?

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