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I love this podcast. I really enjoy hearing the perspectives of people who really know how things work in an investigation. This Elizabeth Holmes episode also helped me not to feel so sorry for her. I hadn't really followed the story but I felt sorry for a mom being separated from her kids. I am not a total sucker though, I totally think Brian K. Is guilty as sin.

Great Idaho coverage

Nice to hear real professionals take/input on cases.

For the record

The Jonestown incident was not mass suicide, it was mass murder.


Love the discussions about the Idaho murders , makes my commute to work not so bad!


As someone who is majoring in criminal Justice, going over different terms used in criminal cases helps to apply things learned in college courses. The perspective of being a cop offers other things to consider. As well as political opinions that float into the podcast. All things that can be learned from and create one’s own opinion. Love this podcast!

New Favorite Podcast

The expertise, knowledge, and experience from the professionals on this podcast relating to true crime stories is educational based on their perspectives from careers serving our country. Thank you for your service. The Fentanyl episode, I’m so thankful this was an important topic to discuss and share the same views. The wake up call is scary and real. Thank you for speaking up and highlighting the epidemic being spread across the country.


Excellent podcast from a real perspective! I appreciate the expertise and the sensitive approach you take when explaining these heinous crimes. Keep up the good work and thank you!

Ohio train derailment

Hello Bill Mark and Phil I really liked that you talked about this because this too is true crime. I think if the ECP brakes would have been put on all trains this could have had a different outcome. News nation just put out a great article about this. I think the article is referencing what Sec Pete was talking about. Thanks you guys for doing this podcast. You give great insight and I appreciate you. Thank you very much for your dedication and service. Betsy in the PNW

Love you guys. Great show.

Thanks for this wonderful show. I always liked it but now I love it because of your outspokenness about the Ohio train derailment. You are telling the truth. It really opened my eyes about how officials will lie in an environmental disaster. I love your courage and honesty. Keep up the great work.

Love listening!

I love to listen to everyone on the show! Outstanding delivery of information and professional opinions. Plus, I’m from Texas and love listening to all of the accents! You guys are greatness!

Great show

Always enjoy the perspectives of Phil “Straight Outta Brooklyn” Grimaldi, Bill “Absolutely” Cannon and Mike “The Professor” Geary. Highly recommended.

Great podcast

Love this podcast. Host is intelligent and engaging. Please keep the episodes coming!

Love this

This is one of my faves! I love true crime podcasts and these guys are one of the best!

Into it!

At first I wasn’t sure I could get into a bunch of old NYPD guys throwing it down, but I’m obsessed! Really enjoy these guys!

Guys are awesome! But the cutting out…

I love this podcast BUT the latest episode has serious signal issues causing the broadcast to keep cutting out. Overall I love this podcast

Common sense

Ok, I get that you’re saying innocent until proven guilty, but kohberger committed this crime. Period. Can you please say “innocent until proven guilty but we’re gonna use common sense and everything points to his guilt” also, when you play the clips from tv or other videos, the audio always breaks up. Never when the guests are speaking, but always when the clips are played. Why is that? I listen on Apple Podcasts. Would love if you could fix this because I can’t hear it all and I plan to continue listening. Otherwise, love the podcast! One more thing- why are you so against behavior analysis? If u listen to the interview room podcast and the episode called criminal minds (before his arrest) those behavior analysts NAILED IT! they were spot on. Worth a listen.

The best!

I absolutely love this podcast. The banter, the knowledge, the fair approach. Bill! Please fix the wifi connection in Jupiter 😂 But that’s not a factor in most episodes.

Love the accents!! I great find!

I am a podcast junkie! These guys are a great listen! It feels unscripted and raw! I love their point of view on things and doesn’t feel like fluff. I also enjoy the guest speakers!!

Saturday 1/14

Are you drunk? For real. If imbibing prob not best to record. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Woah I can speed this up and get a normal cadence and delivery. Painful.


What an amazing podcast!!! The knowledge and experience these gentlemen have is unbeatable!!! Their compassion towards the victim(s) is heartwarming. I love listening to the podcast and watching on YouTube is great is you have the time to unwind and you’re not on the go!!! Keep up the great work fellas!!!

One of the best true crime podcasts out there

So glad I came across this podcast. It’s factual and intelligent and from former NYPD police who have real experience and not just speculation. Always looking forward to new episode drops!


Excellent, thank you.

Great coverage of the Idaho 4!

I’m really impressed with the fantastic job these guys have done be covering the Idaho 4! They go into some detail, and it’s both thorough and intriguing!

Great stuff

Love to hear from you knowledgeable experienced people after listening to some major attacks on the PCA tonight from a digital analysis perspective and how the Elantra is tracked and gets him vs. the other 90 Elantra’s on the WSU campus.

Excellent podcast

Excellent podcast that I knew my husband would like too. Unbiased, fair and balanced, IMO. Thank you for sharing your combined many decades of experience with us!

The Best Pops!

Fantastic Show! Factual and informative!

I LOVE their courage and willingness to call out “haters”

I’ve only just started listening to this podcast, but what’s really impressed me thus far is how the host refuses to fold beneath the weight of listener criticism. It takes courage to disagree - and especially to constructively criticize others in law enforcement.

Recently Discovered this podcast

I love this podcast. I really enjoy hearing the perspectives of people who really know how things go down. They keep it real and their insight is borne of experience. I liked that for the Idaho murders they talked about it even when nothing really new had been divulged because I believe that by talking about it ideas are generated and that is how you get ideas about angles and where to look and who to talk to. At the same time it doesn't feel depressing like some true crime pod casts. I haven't figured out why I feel that way.

Five stars!

I just want to say, as someone who isn’t the biggest fan of law enforcement, this podcast is THE BEST. You all have changed my view on how I see “cops,” and also been amazing journalists on the Idaho murders. I have mad respect for you all and have listened to you all from the start. Y’all delivered! Five stars!