April 9, 2021

Police off the Cuff After Hours Episode #28/21 with Bridget Truxillo

Police off the Cuff After Hours Episode #28/21 with Bridget Truxillo
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Bridget was a Deputy Sheriff in Florida, and after spending time in patrol she transferred to the Narcotics and Organized Crime Unit (NOCU), and also joined the SWAT team.  Bridget knows the challenges law enforcement officers and first responders face, both outside and inside their agencies based on her experiences with her agency, and with the public. Although Bridget loved serving the public, Bridget realized she wanted to serve the law enforcement and first responder communities directly, so she left law enforcement for law school as a means to glean the knowledge and skills necessary for this purpose. Bridget launched the Law Enforcement Legal and Wellness Program, a membership-based program, designed exclusively for law enforcement and first responders with a unique combination of legal support services, wellness or self-care tools, and much more, to provide comfort, ease and support for a more balanced and joyful life.

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