Texas A&M Aggies Daily - 8/17/21 - How Can The Aggies Go Undefeated In 2021?

Texas A&M was recently placed at No. 6 on the Coaches Poll, but what are the undefeated odds?
The No. 6 ranking for the Aggies in the recently released Coaches Poll came as no surprise to the football world or A&M fans in College Station.

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Just about every other ranking by any sports media company had the Aggies in the top-10 heading into the college football season.

Because of that ranking, the A&M was given odds by Bleacher Reports judging how all top 10 teams can pull off an undefeated 2021 season. Other notable teams include Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, and Georgia.

B/R shows the Aggies at 50-1 odds to go undefeated in 2021. By comparison, Alabama is 2-1, Clemson is 3-2, and Oklahoma is 9-2.

Much like other media outlets this offseason, B/R noted the biggest obstacle for the Aggies and their undefeated season is the quarterback position and replacements on the offensive line.

Even more so than the new A&M quarterback (whomever that may be) and a new offensive line, Bleacher Report names the Alabama Crimson Tide as the biggest hurdle the Aggies face.

This should come as no surprise, and really, that can be said of just about any SEC team or any program in the country that has eyes on a national title.

Not all was bad regarding the Aggies, however, upon review of B/R's ranking:

“The good news, though, is the Aggies have an early schedule conducive to such an adjustment period. A road game against one of the worst teams in the Pac-12 (Colorado) is sandwiched by home games against Kent State and New Mexico. After that, it’s home games against Arkansas and Mississippi State, who figure to be the two worst teams in the SEC West.

Jimbo Fisher could decide a month into the season that he made the wrong choice for starting quarterback and the Aggies still might start out 5-0.”

If the Aggies get to 5-0, and they should, that could be where things get difficult, with Alabama making a trip to Kyle Field on October 9. Alabama, however, has its own problems. Replacements are needed for the Crimson Tide at quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, and offensive line.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban has not had a difficult time in the past replacing skill-position players, but if Fisher and company are going to pounce, this season is probably the time.

To put it into perspective, B/R put it this way:

“To reiterate, though, we’re talking about a world in which a team with a new quarterback and an 80 percent new offensive line beats one of the greatest dynasties in the history of college football.”

The evaluation of A&M's weaknesses is true. There are a lot of new moving parts, especially to the offense. But if an undefeated season for the Aggies can happen, it could very well be 2021. Let's discuss!

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