Nov. 23, 2022

#NBA, #KevinDurant, #BenSimmons, #NFL, #Cowboys #Vikings, #Music Picks

Kevin Durant throws teammates under the bus, Cowboys demolish Vikings, Ben Simmons finally returns to Philly, NFL, NBA, and Music Picks

Catch us on YOUTUBE! We begin the episode off on a high after a couple of teams dominate their opponents in the NFL. College football and basketball had some shakeups and surprises that we touch on. Flag on the play: Kevin Durant says a statement that may be messed up, is it true, but how will one of us react. Ben Simmons return to Philly will probably be a let down like his career, right? Ladders, DUI's, Pokémon card, and a Friday movie homage. We give you all the latest scores, news, pros, and cons with NFL & NBA. We finish it off with our music picks of the week. 

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