Sept. 9, 2022

College Football | New Look Lakers | Trey vs. Jimmy G

A recap of week 1 of the college football season. We take you through the high, the lows, the ups, and downs of a lot of teams: Grambling State, LSU, Appalachian State, East Carolina. Texas head Coach Steve Sarkisian comments about playing against Alabama this Saturday, but find out why this could be a problem. Russel Westbrook and Patrick Beverly will be teammates, it's no secret they don't like each, but what does this mean for the LA Lakers? San Frisco 49ers have Trey Lane is the starting quarterback, they also have signed Jimmy G. back, reports say Trey doesn't like this move, but should he really be concerned about who is behind him. Finally we finish this off with our music selections and what new music is on the horizon. 

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