May 24, 2021

Peter Whish-Wilson sees the need for truth

Peter Whish-Wilson sees the need for truth

This episode was actually recorded on lutruwita country back in March; I had just come out of the takayna/Tarkine rainforest learning about the plight to protect it with the Bob Brown Foundation, and I went to Launceston to meet with today’s guest. It was first thing on a Monday morning and we jumped straight into some BIG issues.

If I had to pick a theme for the conversation it would be: TRUTH

You see in the first half of this conversation he shares his story; about being true to himself.

He shares his story about being a big-time banker in the World Trade Centre in New York, and how he turned his back on that world to pursue his own truth, ultimately getting inspired by and involved in the protest against the Iraq War, then rallying against a pulp mill on his doorstep in Tasmania, to becoming a federal senator advocating for environmental and social causes.

Quite the journey.

In the second half of this conversation we talk about the post-truth world of politics and the media. He goes into detail the case around Julian Assange, the precedent that this case sets for media freedom, and the corruption by governments around both this case, and the Iraq War.

It’s heavy, it’s dark, but it's SO important to have open conversations about these things. To learn the history, the details, and the reason why these issues matter so much to all of us.

And of course, we talk about what we can do about it. It's not just about pointing the finger, but highlight actual opportunities for us to act upon.

I was so happy to be able to reach out directly to one of our elected representatives and have this type of conversation. It’s rare in our world of 24-hour news cycles and clickbait.

And as soon as I sat down with him I could tell this was a really genuine human being who was just being true to himself, whilst fighting for the truth.

So strap yourself in for this one, with Senator Surfer, Peter Whish-Wilson