May 5, 2021

Mandy Nolan live @ the Resilience & Regeneration Roadshow

Mandy Nolan live @ the Resilience & Regeneration Roadshow

Today’s episode is from the fifth and final leg of the Resilience and Regeneration roadshow, this one live from Federal, in collaboration with Renew Fest and Resilient Byron.

The timing is fitting because THIS WEEKEND, the 7th-9th May, is RENEW FEST! And if you are in the Byron region (or even not in the Byron region), get to Renew Fest, it’s going to be a full weekend of deep listening, connection, systems change, and regeneration. I will be holding live conversations with some amazing people, and there are dozens more giving other workshops and talks. There will be stalls, there’ll be music, you’ll be inspired. Check it out:

OK, so back to Federal… I used to live in Federal; it’s this beautiful hinterland town about 20-30 minutes out of Byron, and it feels like another world out there. It’s full of very progressive thinkers, it’s a very close community, and I had the pleasure of gathering in the Jasper Corner community hall with comedian, writer, and soon-to-be political candidate, Mandy Nolan.

For those that don’t know, Mandy is a local legend in the Byron region. She is a renowned comedian who uses humour to connect with and cut trough to her audience and to address real issues with real emotion.

She’s someone who has lived and faced the issues of domestic violence and mental health, she’s advocated for environmental causes, and she’s spoken openly and vulnerably about these things for a long time, both through her comedy work and through her regular column in the independent newspaper The Echo which she’s been writing for 20 years now.

Bets of all, she’s someone who is willing to cut through the bull shit. She says what’s on her mind, she calls it like it is, and, for someone who is entering the political realm, it is a breath of fresh air.

This was such a fun conversation. In true Mandy style it’s full of both hilarity and depth, two things that make us very human.