Oct. 11, 2021

Franck Gazzola sees outside the comfort zone

Franck Gazzola sees outside the comfort zone

Have you ever had a dream that you’ve wanted to pursue, but haven’t known how to get there?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

My guest today, Franck Gazzola, is a living example of an ‘everyday man’ who redirected his life towards the extraordinary

He’s an underwater and adventure photographer who’s most well-known for his work with Under the Pole; a series of underwater expeditions gathering scientific information whilst inspiring and educating people us life under our seas

His work has found him diving in the Arctic north of Greenland, documenting stunning tropical coral reefs, and even being one of very few people who has lived and slept at the bottom of the ocean for days at a time!

As if that wasn’t enough of a premise for an incredible conversation, his story of how he became who he is, is even more impactful

You see, he wasn’t born into an exploration family. He wasn’t an overly adventurous guy. He wasn’t even a photographer until a few years ago

But one day, after spending 15 years in the corporate world he took up photography as a hobby, and just persisted with it. He started displaying his work in a local gallery (often facing criticism) but continued to put himself out there day after day

Then, he was asked one of those special questions by a friend: “What would be your ultimate assignment as a photographer?”

He recalled his childhood in France and being inspired by Jacques Cousteau, which led to an introduction with some French marine explorers who, originally, didn’t need a photographer. But he kept knocking on the door and putting himself out there

They finally said ‘Yes, you can join us’, then laughed after hearing his inexperience in diving. So, unrelentingly, he packed in his corporate job, did nothing but diving for 6 months straight, then was off to the North Pole

This is a story about someone who has been willing to be constantly outside of his comfort zone, and be a beginner time and time and time again

This is a conversation about following your dreams. That might be leaving your day job to travel the globe adventuring, or it might be just caring for your community around the corner and doing something meaningful

Whatever your dreams are, this conversation has so many lessons to help you get there

We went deep on this one; it’s uncut and long-form… put the kettle on and enjoy