April 25, 2018

Maxine Bazeley — "The Recruiter"

Maxine Bazeley — "The Recruiter"

The first of Climactic’s interviews conducted in a professional setting at the Library at the Dock studios, our second episode is Mark’s fascinating, fun, and informative chat with Maxine Bazeley of Teal Collective. Maxine has worked in recruitment for many years and she kindly takes us through the essence of good and bad management practice in this industry, with the benefit of her experience. She also tells us her story, saying there was a point, after an accident, when she realised the pursuit of riches and status no longer satisfied her in the way it once did. She realised there were many more important things in life and has now settled in the beautiful seaside resort town of Torquay, in southern Victoria with her partner.

In the first of what we hope will be a number of interviews for Climactic, Maxine tells Mark about her plans for a renewable future for the town, including advocating for solar and wind energy.

Caleb Fidecaro — Producer
Rich Bowden — Co-Founder
Mark Spencer — Co-Founder
Abigail Hawkins — Designer
Greg Grassi — Composer

Special Guest: Maxine Bazeley.

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