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National League Town

National League Town

Mets Fandom, Mets History, Mets Life
With Long Island’s Own
Greg Prince and Jeff Hysen

Recent Episodes

Baseball Like It Oughta Be

Aug. 11, 2022

The best Mets team since 1986 has National League Town thinking October in August, though with August going as well as it is, savoring this summer’s steamy pace might be the most advisable course of action. Once Greg and Jef…

Pull Up A Chair

Aug. 4, 2022

National League Town fondly remembers the greatest baseball announcer who ever lived, Vin Scully, particularly how he started in Brooklyn and described a momentous night in Queens. Later (15:20), we balance satisfaction with…

What Happened in the Subway Series

July 28, 2022

National League Town didn’t wait for the Mets to play the Yankees before letting you know how their two-game set MIGHT have gone down. Also, as long as Greg and Jeff are bending time to their will, our hosts revisit 2005 for…

Realigning the Stars

July 21, 2022

Despite forging National League Solidarity with the temporary teammates of Alonso, Diaz, Marte and McNeil, the senior circuit lost another All-Star Game, so we turn our attention to the process of making the entire week surr…

National League Solidarity

July 14, 2022

With the All-Star Game approaching, we got to thinking that as NL fans, we’ll be rooting for players from teams we normally can’t stand. Thus, to make common cause with those who will be teammates of some of our favorite Met…

He's Not Just 17

July 7, 2022

Keith Hernandez is so much more than a number and so much more than his statistics. As 17 goes up into the rafters at Citi Field, Greg and Jeff fondly revisit (11:17) the most intense Met either of them can remember, recall …