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Aug. 3, 2023

Farida Kabir: Inspiring African Women In Tech and Finance

Farida Kabir: Inspiring African Women In Tech and Finance
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Farida Kabir is an exceptional manager with a wealth of experience across various sectors. With over a decade of expertise in both the private and public spheres, as well as the international development arena, Farida has truly left her mark on the world of tech

Currently serving as the Group Head of Growth and Brand at Sudo Africa, Farida spearheads the expansion of the company's innovative products throughout sub-Saharan Africa across their group of companies.

Her recent appointment to this position follows her role as a digital development consultant with the World Bank Group's Digital Development Global Practice, where she made a significant impact on the global stage.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Farida is deeply committed to mentoring and empowering young girls and women. Her passion lies in utilizing technology as a conscious tool to uplift socio-economic development in developing countries, particularly in her home country, Nigeria. In areas like healthcare and governance, Farida envisions harnessing technology's potential to improve service delivery and promote transparency.

Farida's groundbreaking contributions have not gone unnoticed, as she has been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards, both locally and internationally. In 2016, she received special recognition from the former French President, François Hollande, for her pioneering strides in Health Technology, making her the sole Nigerian among five distinguished Africans to be honored.

In July 2022, Farida's expertise and vision led to her appointment as the Head of Growth at Nigerian fintech powerhouse, Sudo Africa. This dynamic startup, set its sights on conquering new markets under Farida's leadership.

In this episode, we dive into Farida Kabir's driving force and motivations, her successful growth strategies, and her empowering leadership approach. Additionally, we explore the crucial role of women in tech, a subject close to Farida's heart, as she continues to blaze a trail for women in tech.