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Meet The Guys

These are the fellows whose voices magically come out of your podcast player each week!  They previously collaborated on 'The Stueytunes Show' and become good friends (which is important if you are going to be driving around in a music machine all the time).


Tony Stuart

Tony Stuart is a former member of The Canadian Armed Forces, a professional musician and a long-time high school band director.  His first podcast was The Stueytunes Show, available on every major podcast platform.  He lives in Almonte, Ontario with his spouse Cynthia, a dog named Lucy and a cat named Marley.

Aaron Badgley

Aaron Badgley has been writing about music since he was in university. he has written for The Lexicon, the band The Strawbs and Spill Magazine. He is currently writing for various bands and UK radio station WA12. He worked in radio in the 1980s and had a show, Beatles Universe, which was syndicated throughout North America.  He is from Toronto, Ontario where he lives with his spouse Andrea.

Ric Denis

Ric Denis writes the music that you hear on 'The Way-Back Music Machine Podcast.'  He is a professional guitarist, teacher and composer.  He also runs the Ric Denis Guitar School.  He lives in Almonte, Ontario with his spouse Heather.